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Christmas lights causing problems?

That's not a bad shout! The towns I can get into didn't have lights on either, I've been told no one can access mine n I've got a two properties with lights, you might b onto something there :)


  • jaffaface
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    edited January 2013
    sbro19 wrote:
    No idea if this means anything but thought I'd check to see if there is a pattern. I noticed that the friend's towns I can get into after the update don't have Christmas lights on their houses. Perhaps the lights are causing a problem? I know it's a stretch, but thought I'd see if anyone is able to get into any Springfields that still have lights up?

    My lights are down but I still remain in the lonely hearts club. No one has been in to my town and I can't get in to theirs.
  • woodysimpson
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    edited January 2013
    One of the few towns I can get into has xmas lights.
  • jasonicus321
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    edited January 2013
    No. Not the issue. The first town I was able to get into still had lights up. If EA would just tell us what is going on we wouldn't have to grasp at straws.
  • brenner_yes
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    edited January 2013
    I had the lights on after I updated and at least one person got in and vandalized moe's
  • tas0077
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    edited January 2013
    I can only get into 3 neighbors towns and one of them had Christmas lights up on Cletus's farm.
  • NeoSEC28
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    edited January 2013
    Well that idea was shot down lol
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  • PsychoMantis285
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    edited January 2013
    I don't know if its much but I got into a good few there and the majority were not level 25 yet. I got into some level 25s and I noticed that none of them had (m)any premiums. Could be one or more of the premiums holding people back, maybe someone could test this?
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