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will the Shelbyville bonus content be available without having to purchase $185 worth of donuts? Or do we have to purchase, if we decide or not to purchase the bonus content? I know there's another thread about this, but no one is giving a straight answer.


  • No one actually knows. We don't have all the details yet.

    For now if you want the content it seems you'll have to make the purchase. However it also seems like this is a way to give an exclusive prize as a thank you for those who are making purchases - free gift with purchase.
  • I don't think there is anyway of knowing the answer at this point. For now, it looks like if you want the content, you have to buy donuts for get the prizes as a bonus.
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  • If you want the bonus content you have to buy donuts. I don't think anyone knows what the future holds.
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  • It also seems like there isn't an expiry date. Meaning at any time you make a future purchase, you'll get a thank you gift with it.

    Again though, this is just how it seems for now.
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