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Homer the Heretic: Walkthrough

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Homer the Heretic Intro

Auto starts

Homer: Ughhh, I ate fish. I think I'm dying.
Marge: Oh no! Was it that poisonous fugu again?
Homer: No, tuna. It was probably mercury poisoning. Also I ate a thermometer.
Homer: Please God: if you save me, I promise to devote the rest of my life to you!
Marge: We'll just have to wait until tomorrow to know if you're okay.

Task: Make Homer Survive 24 Hours
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House


Homer the Heretic Pt. 1

Auto starts

Homer: So… I can believe that we need to eat tuna melts every Friday, but skip the cloven hooves thing? Bacon is delicious!
Homer: Oooh, what about other religions? I was always jealous of that giant Jewish feast.
Lisa: You mean the Yom Kippur feast? You know that you have to fast for a day before that right?
Homer: Ooo and all of the religious holidays! And when I am at work, frequent breaks to praise Allah! I've got this all figured out.
Apu: Homer, what if I told you that if you do good things for others, God will reward you?
Homer: I'd say, “It better be a darn good reward, ‘cause I'm really enjoying all these holidays.”

Task: Make Apu Teach About Karma
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Make Homer Learn About Reincarnation
Time: 4h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Collect Karma [x100]

Homer: Okay, I gave a penny to a homeless guy.
Homer: I even picked up a piece of trash. Can I have my million dollars now?
Apu: That's not how Karma works. You need to put in some effort, and you're never exactly sure when the benefit will come.
Homer: Oh, so it's kind of like drinking.

Quest Reward: Sunday Morning Homer

Note: If you get stuck and can't progress or unlock the skin, go to a friend town or Krustyland and it'll be unstuck.

Homer the Heretic Pt. 2

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad completely misunderstood my rant again. Mom, make him stop!
Marge: Stop? I think his idea is lovely. As for me, the most important parts of the Bible are the ones about cleaning!
Marge: Now go clean your room Lisa. A clean house is a clean soul!
Marge: And the rest of you! Clean up all these pennies littered around Springfield and throw them in the fountain. You can't have too much good Karma!
Lisa: Mom, it's Karma, not luck!
System Message: Collect Karma from the Penny Fountain! It will accumulate Karma every 5 minutes for up to 5 hours, so collect from it often!

Quest Reward: Penny Fountain
Task: Make Marge Use Religion as a Cleaning Excuse
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Rest on Saturday
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Collect Karma [x260]
Quest Reward: Greet Animal Friends job

Homer the Heretic Pt. 3

Auto starts

Lisa: Ned, you must be on my side about people cherry-picking religious practices?
Ned: Absolutely. We should cherry-pick the hardest parts of each religion and force ourselves to do it.
Ned: That's the only way God will know how much we love Him!

Task: Make Ned Give Up Worldly Possessions
Time: 4h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Homer Rest on Sunday
Time: 4h
Location: First Church of Springfield
Task: Collect Karma [x460]
Quest Reward: Perfect Beer Truck

If the user has unlocked Rabbi Krustofsky:
Rabbi Krustofsky: Homer, I see you're trying out several religions. Might I suggest Judaism?
Homer: No thanks, not interested.
Rabbi Krustofsky: But how can you be sure if you haven't tried it?
Homer: I've tried Kosher pizza. And that told me everything I need to know.

Homer the Heretic Pt. 4

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad, I need a ride to band practice!
Sunday Morning Homer: Sorry honey, I can't. I need to light a candle for Guru Singh...
Sunday Morning Homer: And then I need to thank the Magi for bringing gifts to Baby Jesus...
Sunday Morning Homer: Then after that, Jesus is being born in Russia, so I have to convince Marge to make me twelve different dinners.

Task: Make Homer Celebrate All the Things
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Lisa Miss Band Practice
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Collect Karma [x700]
Quest Reward: Dance in his Underwear job

Lisa: Are you sure you can't take me? What about the good karma you'll get for helping someone?
Sunday Morning Homer: Karma shmarma. I've found a new path to salvation: the Prosperity Gospel!
Lisa: Right… You mean the view that God rewards His followers with material wealth.

Homer the Heretic Pt. 5

Auto starts

Lisa: Homer's abrupt swings from religion to religion perfectly illustrate the futility in trying to establish religious truth.
God: Well you could always just ask me.
Lisa: Oh, hey God.
God: I would've thought you'd be more excited to meet the all-powerful Creator in person.
Lisa: I AM excited to meet you. But my excitement is offset by my sadness at the death of the causal closure of physics implied by our interaction.

Task: Make Lisa Attempt to Measure the Mass of a Non-Physical Entity
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Skinner Burn the School's Now-Obsolete Science Books
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Collect Karma [x980]

Lisa: So let me guess: you came here because you were offended by Homer's self-interested actions in the name of religion, and you're going to set him straight?
God: Nah, I just needed a new game -- I got sick of Pokémon Go.

Quest Reward: Hamburger Heaven

Homer the Heretic Pt. 6

Auto starts

God: Homer! I've been looking for you!
Ned: Ha-ha! Told ya, Homer! God's gonna punish you for your sacrilegious ways.
Homer: Ahhhhh!!!! I'm burning! I'm on fire!!!!
Ned: Good job, God.
God: I didn't do anything. His new phone exploded.

Task: Make Ned Put Out the Fire On Homer
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Homer Join Class Action Lawsuit
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Sunday Morning Homer: God, if you're so good, how can you allow such a flawed product launch?
God: I have my reasons. And if you thought THAT was bad, wait ‘til you see what I have in store for driverless cars!

Quest Reward: Cut-Glass Cathedral

Cut-Glass Cathedral

Auto starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Great news, Ned. The world famous Cut-Glass Cathedral is coming to Springfield!
Ned: I can't believe California, the very heart of the Bible Belt, would give up such a fine church.
Rev. Lovejoy: The Ministry filed for bankruptcy again, and we bought it for peanuts.
Rev. Lovejoy: Their liturgical beliefs are slightly different than ours, so God's fine with us stiffing them.
Rev. Lovejoy: With a little sizzle on our sermon steak, these people will come crawling back to traditional religion!

Task: Build the Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Rev. Lovejoy Do a Moving Sermon
Time: 4h
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Ned Attend the Sermon
Time: 4h
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral
Task: Make Homer Check Out the Cathedral
Time: 4h
Location: Cut-Glass Cathedral

Ned: How're our numbers, Reverend? Is the congregation back in the black?
Rev. Lovejoy: Good Lord, the heating bill for that one sermon was over 1000 dollars!
Ned: Small price to pay to spread God's word, right?
Rev. Lovejoy: I'm trying to run a business here, Ned!
Ned: Well, at least people are admiring the beautiful architecture.
Homer: The what? Oh no, I was just picturing myself sliding up the glass roof of this place naked. Somehow it feels like déjà vu.
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