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Freemium mystery gifts

So for those who are freemium, how many gifts have you purchased? And which ones?

As of right now I bought a good one and have over 1400 vouchers left.


  • I bought one silver and two platinum (is that what they're called?). I think I can get one more box. It might have to be a gold box.
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  • I was tricked into getting a Silver one right away and got the stupid Raccoon.

    Saved up for a Platinum and got Sophie (yay).

    Getting close to 1000. Will likely keep saving up towards 2000. Maybe spend some donuts to get items with vouchers.
  • I did three silvers the final one I got fort sensible that was what I was after
  • Am i doing someyhing wrong? Ive only been able to purchase Victors's Secret (1400??)
    Ans have been saving for a long while just to reach 2000. Currently on 1991
  • sflowers330
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    Without purchasing anything, it just possible to get a total of 3000 bonus dollars to spend. I bought a Silver (Fort Sensible) and a Platinum (Bear Cave :-/ )

    Edit: My math assumes that you actually sleep LOL
  • I got one platinum (I did buy Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers which gave me a boost) and I've nearly saved up for yet another platinum. I really want Sophie but I have the North Pole Station and Bear Cave to compete with. The first platinum gave me the Slide Factory.
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