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Victor's Secret Worth It?

It's the only option for me in the 1400 box, and I currently have ~$800. I won't get to $1400 but worth spending a small amount of donuts for it to make the diffference right before the timer runs out?


  • I wanted it but accidentally bought the Fort Sensible thanks to the buy button being a little too instant. Oh well.
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  • I might end up buying it. I have sequel stop, mall,Mr.plow , Victor secret. And will only have enough to $$ to open one more for free. After that I might end up paying donuts to open them.
  • I cant recall if anybody has tasks there I earned from a previous Christmas event. If it cost doughnuts then no.
  • PatrickSays
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    edited December 2016
    Also only item for me. Not sure if I'll spend a little more to get it or a lot more to buy my only last platinum item - the slide factory. Probably the slide factory.
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  • not worh any donuts to me. got as a mystery gift but didn't buy when offered
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  • I think it looks nice in the upscale shopping district but otherwise it's just another building with a pretty low payout. I think Marge has 1 uneventful task there.
  • heyababy47428
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    edited December 2016
    It's a handsome building and it looks great when animated! Also I think it gets Christmas decorations during the holiday season, then reverts to normal the rest of the year! I think thats how it works :flushed: anyway it's a nice building.
  • I like it. Added it to my mall. As heyababy said, it has holiday decorations. Kinda cool.
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