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Springfield Heights crafting

I thought I was finished with SH. I reached the billion quite some time ago. All my craft items are full. Now I am required to craft furniture, and again today I need to craft electronic devices. I have nothing to buy so cannot deplete my items in order to craft additional items for my daily task requirements. I can get more storage, but honestly, I have forgotten how to do that. I checked to FAQ section and so on, can't find the answer. Anyone out there remember how to increase storage of items or otherwise solve this? My daily tasks are stacking up unfinished. Thank you!


  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    You can buy decorations. If you go to the store, the main menu has a specific section for SH. You could also cancel the daily task and hope for one not associated with SH.
  • You can also 'craft' the items by showing movies at the Springfield Googolplex Theatres.
  • Ah, of course! Thank you both. Oh, I did cancel one daily, only to get another for SH. Bad luck. But you have set me straight, thanks again.
  • I ran into this yesterday. Needed to collection furniture for the daily. I was maxed out at 200. Bought a jet ski and was good to go!
  • I tend to dismiss the heights crafting daily tasks except for the high-value items like awards, in which case the googolplex crafting does the trick. I've accumulated quite a bit of overflow in case we ever get new SH content
  • Yes, that is why mine were maxed out, in case they open up some land over there...I'll be ready.
  • You can go over the 200 item limit at the Springfield Googolplex Theatres. I'm at over 400 of each item.
  • I always buy items if I can't cancel that task for a better one. SH is what it is, but it comes with a bunch of great items for purchase. I can't get enough money trees. :)
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