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Problem with Paris texan and ice princess martin

So a few days ago I asked why I had a task that requested me to buy the ice castle for martin since I had the costume. Turns out I don't have or want to spend that many donuts on the thing. But the task doesn't go away. Even after the winter event ended like you guys told me it would.
OK second problem, I'm at the third stage of this mini event and in the screen where I can give tasks the first character is always a premium to buy if you don't have it then there's four character tasks, which I click to do, and where the fifth character should be I have Paris texan, which I don't have, and a green button that says get now. Which is weird because if I want to buy a character like the first one the button is always in pink. Indicating that said character costs donuts. Also when I tap on the green button it takes me to the store and I cannot find Paris texan there.
What is going on.


  • 11EEvey
    3420 posts Member
    Hopefully the Ice Castle task will disappear with the next store update. Just ignore it until then.
    Paris Texan is only available when you reach 1 Billion in Springfield Heights. You should be able to finish the mini event without her just fine.
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