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Singing stones still don't work correctly

Ok, I have tried all of the suggested scenarios for getting the singing stones to work correctly (yes, the little event is still available), but I can't get the eighth stone to show up. I have been tapping 25565433 so many times I have it memorized. I tried 255654332 and got to 1-8, but when I did it again it went back to 0-8.

Are there any other variations that will get me to 8-8?


  • You just need to make them sing the 8 notes for the phrase "We Wish You a Merry Chistmas". I just tried over and over until I got it right. The numbers you're using might be assigned to the wrong stones. Ignore the numbers and just go by ear.
    BTW: My Springfield circa Winter 2014: orionsbell.com/simpsons/Winter2014.png
  • Just went back to look at them again. Here's the note sequence:

    A - D - D - F - D - C - B - B
    (2 - 5 - 5 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 3)

    A is the Open Triangle (#2)
    D has the "R" rune (#5)
    F is the arch (#6)
    C is the backwards "F" rune (#4)
    B is the "B" rune (#3)
    BTW: My Springfield circa Winter 2014: orionsbell.com/simpsons/Winter2014.png
  • also, the 1/8 2/8 etc is each note. you don't have to play it 8 times. So after you tap a stone check to see if you complete goes up by 1. if it has reset to 0, it means the note you played was wrong. if that happens, you'll have to start at the beginning again.
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    Here's a video which shows the layout and exactly what to tap. Hope it helps.
  • Also space out your stones. On the phone I found I was hitting the wrong stones even if I was extremely careful about it. Only way to be sure is to put them very far apart, and check after each note if the x/8 counter has increased.
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