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How to add friends

Would like to know how to add people to my page? Tried and tried couldn't get anyone to help on the other thread, so I was hoping I could get help on here


  • @ScottiePympy Do you mean how to add neighbors in the game? If so...

    In your game:

    1. Click on Milhouse and Bart button
    2. Click on handshake button
    3. Click on the badge button (top right)
    4. Click Ea Account Invite button
    5. Click the magnifying glass
    6. A box will pop up, ignore that it says Email, just type the person's user name in there.

    They will get the invite on their end and they will either add you or not.

    Find people to add on the thread here (Finding Friends) or on "The Add Me" thread on Game Discussion

    You may add both or either of my accounts if you wish:



    And then there's the most important step...

    7. Ignore the hate ;)

    Welcome to the forum!
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