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    How can I insure that my game on another device it loaded to my current device?
    Firstly, make sure you have an account on your first device so that you can log into the game. Each time you intend to swap from one device to another, you should synchronise your game by going to Krustyland or friends screen, then back to your own town. You will see the word ‘synchronise’ at the bottom of the screen. Then you can play on your second device with the same log-in. You will get 2 warning boxes appear:
    Message: Your other device didn’t save your Springfield. Please sign in to that device before playing
    Action: Click “Play Now”
    Step 2
    Message: Play anyway? Some progress made on your other device may be lost
    Action: Click “Continue”
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    Posted 15th August 2018 (Moe’s Ark event):
    I updated this map

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  • When you get your first free XP collider, focus on XP payouts on that day. Rush buildings if necessery. I managed to jump 20 levels myself by focusing on pure XP that day.
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