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Collect Tickets in Krustyland

So I logged in this morning and the daily Challenges for my 3 games were:
Collect Tickets in Krustyland
Collect Tickets in Krustyland
Collect Tickets in Krustyland

I swapped out the ones that paid cash and got:
Collect Tickets in Krustyland
Collect Tickets in Krustyland

I guess they wanted me to Collect Tickets in Krustyland today.


  • 3 out of the last 5 days (today included) I've gotten that task. Looking at the board it seems many people are getting the same. Could it be a clue as to what's next?

    Probably not.
  • I keep forgetting about Krustyland until I get one of these tasks :/
  • This seems to be the task of the day for a lot of people ( including me). Could be a hint, or just a random glitch.
  • Rich0913
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    edited January 2017
    I also had collect krustyland tickets for the last 2 days, but the payouts are donuts.
    Not an easier ways to get 3 donuts.
  • I got it 3 days in a row, but they were for doughnuts. Hopefully we get a Krustyland event! I started playing after they stopped and haven't done one yet.
  • Me, too. I accidentally collected while storing Penelope. :(
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  • I had collect krustyland tickets 2 days straight
  • Noticed too that I'm getting them regularly.
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  • Had this show up as my challenge skipped it and got this task again. Annoyed as the first ones reward was a donut and the second one was cash
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  • I had that Krustyland job in the past few days, too, but today was only "collect income" for cash, and after dismissing that, "complete jobs" for cash. Let's see what tomorrow will bring...
  • $ rewards yesterday and today even after skipping 1st challenges for $
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  • I also had this a few times last week and again today, nothing to complain about when its for donuts but annoying when its for cash and gotta wait till tomorrow to try again!
  • I had this task for cash today, swapped it and got the same task for 1 donut... also happened a few days ago too IIRC.
  • I had the same task today and a few days ago as well.
  • I've been getting the same - collect KL tickets, complete character jobs and collect from buildings - with varying prizes. Kind of annoying since you can't avoid doing 2 of the 3.
  • jukan00
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    I logged in this morning, got "Collect Krusty Land Tickets" went to KL. Just for fun tapped Sideshow You game AND got FIVE DONUTS. I hadn't gotten that in two years! Must have changed something with an update.
  • I got 'em again today. Not in all 3 of my games, but still...
  • Yesterday was KL for cash dropped it got KL for cash. Didn't do it. Today new task was 25 jobs for doughnut. Droped task from yesterday got KL for cash....decided to just do it
  • I got one today but for 1 donut so off I went
  • I've set myself a goal to reach 1 Mio. Krustyland tickets, but have reached only 270,000 so far. I always forget to go there, unless I'm reminded by such a task. So it's ok. And maybe they really want to do something about this orphaned land?
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