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Where did this come from?!

Where did this come from?!


  • Its from the monorail event
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • I think I must have everything from that event, but this
  • JonOfMeans wrote: »
    I think I must have everything from that event, but this

    It's the Krusty Druve-Thru Stairs for the Krusty Drive-Thru Monorail Station which it and all its extensions were only available for donuts.
    What part of "unsolicited friend requests are all denied" do you NOT get?
  • JonOfMeans
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    I looked it up on one of the wiki sites, some of the Krusty monorail pieces were available for 12 days the he others followed about 10 days after, but just for a week. That must have something to do with why I missed them. C'mon EA, I've got the donuts waiting for you.
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  • It's the only station that's not been offered of late. I've been waiting but no luck.
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