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Item limit?

Hi, does anyone know what the current item limit is? Is it 9100? And does anyone know if it will (can?) be increased by EA?


  • simpsonare
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    edited January 2017
    The item limit is to increase the stability of the game. In the future with new and more powerful devices to come its possible. But currently EA is pandering to older devices.
  • I have expressed my same, consistent view many times, EA, you only need to do one thing, recognize bonus % for premium items in storage!

    In this way, I can store away a whole heap of stuff and not needing to put it out. Yes there are still quite a bit of unique items since the start of the game, but I can spare a lot of land by not putting up the 10 police cars I have......

    I know that you can do this with how SH is counted, so why can't you do this to the main part of Springfield?

    I know it's a first world problem but then you are discouraging your premium customers to buy premium items.... I have stopped buying multiple items since I have hit the limit at various stages of the game and once you lost them, you lost them......
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