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Do you design or just place objects?

A recent post by @SirLance_Elot has me wondering do the majority of you just place buildings and decorations or do you make an effort to design your town?

I have very few neighbors who have well designed towns (and the ones who do are awesome and I'm so glad to be their neighbor.) Most of my neighbors just have items randomly placed and that's fine. I'm not complaining about their towns. I'm just surprised that there are so many who do not design since, in my opinion, it is one of the best aspects of the game.

I love to design my town. When a new event is released, I can't wait to finish it so I can obtain all the prizes and start designing with them. I try to put a lot of thought and effort behind each design although I'm not as creative as some you guys are (I'm thankful for design inspirations). I like to make everything pleasing for me and my neighbors to look at.

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  • I try to design my town but end up placing them anywhere when there's new land available.
  • AirurandoP
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    This would have made a good poll. Pity we still can't do them. I'm a planner, to answer your question. Although I do also utilise free space while I have it for farming cash and donuts.

    I also try to keep objects from every event or tie in in my town


  • AirurandoP wrote: »
    This would have made a good poll. Pity we still can't do them. I'm a planner, to answer your question. Although I do also utilise free space while I have it for farming cash and donuts.

    I do have free space that I use for KEM farming and new decorations that I haven't incorporated into my design. If I put it in inventory too soon I'll forget I have it.
    BulldogMom23 in Crawl to the Finish
  • I like to design but new things just get placed until I find a home for them.
  • I love designing my town and I'm always changing how it looks but during event I usually wait until I have everything before I fully design something with those items or I have something already in mind I start designing straight away.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • For me, new items generally get rough placement, I.e. I usually have a spot for an event where everything gets dumped.

    Items then either go back into inventory, join an existing area, or sometimes clump together in to a new display. Depending on inspiration of course.
  • I like to design my town
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  • I've been working in my town since the end of 2015. Want to make it perfect. It's not even 40% finished
  • 1pillform
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    I think anyone that has me as their neighbor knows that I try to design. I may place stuff at first when the new stuff shows up but I like to design after. Or attempt to design something. I strive on designing. My town is based on that aspect of the game. I like to put effort into my town. Whenever I can. I've seen people just toss stuff without any design at all and that usually looks like crap and they obviously don't care what their town looks like. Its almost as if they don't care about the game. I mean why would you place an event building behind some other building and make it look ugly on purpose? Idk....maybe I'm picky about how stuff is placed.....
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  • cdepast
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    design is the reason ive been playing for so many years, and continue to play. When I was more active in my neighbor visits I would remove friends with ugly towns. Thats usually an indicator they wont be playing long term.
  • My town is always pretty much designed. I try to keep a little space free for when they surprise us with something, I want to plop it down right away.

    I've started doing little mini designs when events begin so that the landing area is welcoming. But then I'll just put other elements of the event somewhere else -- sort of warehousing -- so that I can look at the items as I think about the design, and I'll usually wait until I have everything to bring it all together. It's less stressful this way!
  • I design everything in my town.

    Why don't you add a poll to your topic?
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  • FrankyK47 wrote: »
    I design everything in my town.

    Why don't you add a poll to your topic?

    Only mods can make polls now
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • When it really comes down to it, different people like to play for different reasons. Some people play for the design aspect, some people play because they want to get everything, some people play for the storylines. And I'm sure some people have other reasons for playing too. There is no right or wrong way to play the game - it comes down to personal preference.

    I try to design, and the majority of my town is designed. But I also have areas where I store items because I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with them - and sometimes that takes me awhile. :)
  • I design, but I often put all event items in an area and then wait and design that area once the event is over
  • 100% of my town is design. I think is the fun of the game. I enjoy looking at my own Design and try to make it better! Unfortunately not all my neighbors love design so I may drop some of them and add some who really are on design.

  • Yes.
    I have areas that are heavily landscaped and are with a purposefully arranged pattern.
    I have areas where I have put items that have not yet inspired me.
    I have some large open areas, because those tracts have not yet explained to me what they want to be.
    I have some areas that keep moving toward the outside boundaries and change as they go.
    I have a monorail system that is both conventional and abstract.
    I have small items placed in non-standard locations because their juxtaposition amuses me. (Parking meters in between hitching posts)
    In order to keep my conformity meter at max I have placed decorations as landfill.
    So my response is yes, I design and dump. In fact I think I will go now and design my dump.
  • I design my town, not continuously but every so often I just decide to start tweaking bits of my town. I have plenty of green space at the edge of my town opposite the mountains so sometimes my designs just end up in random blocks down there until I can move them into the appropriate "zone" of the town. I also just have a huge multiplier area in the corner of my town that's not near the mountains or sea so I try to keep that as the only eye sore in town everything else is designed or hidden in the town.

  • Everyone enjoys the game in their own way and that’s cool - but for me, it’s all about creating a Springfield that I wouldn’t mind living in myself. I even tend to shy away from the more whimsical items that we get in the events as they distract from the realism and my own way of enjoying the game. I’m sure my designs aren’t about to win any awards but I’m having fun.
  • I like to design, but I am not the best designer lol
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