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Akira's Questline

In Akira's questline there's an hour long task that you can send almost all Springfielders on while Akira does a separate 2 hour task, I thought some players used to not do Akira's part of the quest so that the could keep the premium hour task for everyone else and I had intended on doing that just for today to build up some extra cash but I was only able to send everybody once and then that part of the task said "done" and I couldn't send any Springfielders on it any more even though I hadn't done Akira's part, has EA applied this to all similar tasks?

Thanks in Advance.

And also reminder to any who recently purchased Drederick Tatum to check your inventories for a skin for him you might have earned during Tapball.


  • meinaz
    5440 posts Member
    Some of the tasks were changed, but others were not. Akira and Lurleen Beer and Brawl task were both changed. The She-She lounge, Ajax Steel Mill, and KEM central office all have tasks that can be done continuously and were not changed.
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