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Collect Plane Tickets?

Went to add characters for their airport task, and I couldn't put my final eligible character because I didn't have enough plane tickets. How do we accumulate more? Are they random drops from tapping tourists?


  • Just wait a few seconds. They regenerate very fast.
  • I think it's about a minute for each plane ticket
  • its 2 minutes. Tap the airport and you can see the timer counting down.
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    Do I have a glitch in the game? I have no plane tickets left and my timer says 0s all the time.

    Edit: nevermind. ;)
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  • When I tap on my airport all I see is the countdown for the two characters I managed to put on the four hour task. Looking at my other half's game I see he has a small box with tickets and the word 'full'. Clearly I've got something missing but I've no idea how to get it.
  • If you can send more characters on a trip. There will be a 2 minute countdown for an extra ticket. Once all the characters are sent. it won't show the countdown.
  • I have two characters on a trip. I can see 3 tickets at the bottom left of the screen but I don't see them when I tap on the airport. My other half's iPad shows his three tickets even tho he has the maximum three characters on the task. Does this mean we have to put all three characters on at the same time or lose the chance to put the third on?
  • Weirdest mechanic ever???
    There doesn't really seem to be a reason for it to exist.

  • Weirdest mechanic ever???
    There doesn't really seem to be a reason for it to exist.

    There really is a reason because they want you to keep thinking about RIGHT answer if you pick wrong. That's why there is a little delay so you don't start to quickly adding characters.
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  • I have 0 tickets and my timer is stuck at 0 seconds.. how do you collect tickets?
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