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Osaka Flu?


  • ojbee
    112 posts Member
    Bug free here....instead of a community prize, perhaps it's the last one standing (virus free) that wins ALLLLL. >:)
  • I got the flu!
  • Visit me V-V-visit me
    Infect me with your love
    And fill me with your poison
  • antpants7 wrote: »
    Visit me V-V-visit me
    Infect me with your love
    And fill me with your poison

    :D will be stuck in my head for days now.
  • The virus has reached the North East of England! Thanks guys!!
  • I have a feeling that we are being experimented on...

    This is a game with millions of players all over the world, and people on this game tend to either be super-friends, or may visit once a couple of days. In a way, it's like people traveling, there are those that jet all over the place, or head up north for Thanksgiving once a year. We are the perfect model for any scientist studying epidemiology, and I suspect we are being examined by this event right now as a side deal EA cut with a research group.

    Am I paranoid or what?
  • unless... you need to tap 100 of those pins in town and you get it...
    cause once i reached 100 i got another flu.
  • I'm on Level 2 with 137/200 severity and 4.54% infected.

    I caught two tourists with the bug about 1/2 hour ago, but I still don't understand just what is going on.
    BTW: My Springfield circa Winter 2014: orionsbell.com/simpsons/Winter2014.png
  • antpants7 wrote: »
    Visit me V-V-visit me
    Infect me with your love
    And fill me with your poison
    Well, since you put it that way....

    Here is my signature. Or maybe it's not.
  • If this is a community event (Which is quite genius if it is) than we should start taking Anti-ANTIbiotics , eat all the Vitamin-Less Enriched Bread you can, and always tap while on the can!
    We can do this, we can spread this virus around the globe!
    Yes we Osaka Flu can (also would have been better if it was the panda virus)panda-1.jpg
  • Appeared as part of the questline, then one tourist with it and now can't find any others except the germy cloud on its own which is untappable. It says spread to friends but no action to do this other than just visit ? Possibly some sort of community prize, we'll see later in the day maybe, at moment my game says 0.24 % of world infected, up from 0.23 earlier.

    4.53% now.

  • wadebear wrote: »
    I visited all my neighbors this morning (except Other Springfield which I used in the questline yesterday) and I don't have the flu.
    Apparently I don't have a tumor either - at least according to my MRI. They're thinking the pain in my head is neurological, perhaps trigeminal neuralgia.

    well that's good news. Not having trigeminal neuralgia obviously but better than a tumor!! Hope they find some treatment for you the works.
    I love my computer...all my friends live in it
  • Is it maybe a new version of community prizes? The more people that get infected we unlock a prize? Just a thought.

    This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure.
  • it's community prize however the prize on bottom (the flu) you unlock by tapping on your buildings
  • I still have no flu. This is lame.
  • I don't understand why I'm not infected yet....

    I feel left out.
  • I haven't got the flu yet :-( Is my immune system too good?
  • I have two flus now. Looks like the 5 icons at the bottom mean that there's a limit of 5 flus that we can have.
    Here is my signature. Or maybe it's not.
  • You get one each 100 buildings u tap
  • You get one each 100 buildings u tap

    So, you don't get the flu until you tap 100 neighbors buoldings?

    Jeez, I should be past that by now. Still nothing.
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