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Lagged collect sound issue is back

Getting the delayed collect sounds from the last event i.e. where you collect from too much at a time and it seems like the collect sounds are on an endless loop. Timeout *seems* a bit faster than last event.


  • I've been getting this as well. Very annoying.
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  • Yep. Same here
  • I still can't zoom out properly, which is much worse because it is stuck like that.
  • Sent all springfielders to the Eiffel Tower and when completed, terrible tapping noise into a infinite loop. Got rid of it when I restarted the game.
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  • Just adding that the workaround from this from the last event was to stagger collection or wait a bit in between tapping i.e. try to not collect from too much at the same time. Try to collect event currency separate from buildings/character tasks.

    For example - collect from buildings prior to collecting from all characters on task. Scrolling off screen while collecting seemed to help some but not all. If you have lots of wailing walls or a house farm it will be challenging for you to avoid this issue when their timer is up.
  • This bug is very annoying
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  • I noticed when I was looking for Maggie this morning.
  • And as annoying as it was last time ><
  • johncolombo
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    I reported that and game lag today so if it can be fixed it most likely will.
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