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Cosplay it again Sam

On this job, I cannot get Kumiko to get on a flight. I have no idea why not.
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  • Ditto. Patch needed.
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    When I saw this thread I thought it had something to do with me lol
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  • I had the same problem when I got her yesterday. Finally was able to today. Must be a bug so just keep checking.
  • Not quite sure if I understand the issue as I don't recall this job. This might help - to get Kumiko on a flight she has to be in her new skin, the character without the skin cannot go on flights.
  • I also think she (or any other character) has to be off task to show on the list. Seems like every time I do this Sailer Kumiko and four other random characters can be sent on a flight somewhere. I then task others on railyard/SH/quest line tasks (of 4 hours or less). Then I'll send the rest of town on a four task through the job manager. Come back four hours later, clear all the thumbs up, and start over. Sailor Kumiko will be on the flight list along with four new random characters.
  • She is in her sailor skin. I have a seed town that works just fine and she goes on flights. But in my main town she has been stuck unusable on this task for quite a while. Hope it works soon. Trying to figure it out. I've been looking for a walk through or for hints but haven't found anything yet. Am I missing something?
    "We are, without a doubt, the weirdest ship in the fleet." - Lt. Malloy, The Orville.
  • Try to ensure she's free before your current flight lands, then she could be selected for the next one - worked for me.
  • It was on the third round of flights when she was able to fly in my Springfield.
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