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I'm addicted, are you?

When you first heard about Simpsons Tapped out you probably wondered what the big deal was. Then after dealing with the * slow servers, the constant crashing and months of waiting for updates suddenly the game develops and we've had more updates thrown at us than some of the worlds fat kids get more fast food thrown at them. Now you find you can't go more than 1 hour without checking, visiting friends, updating your town and making your residents go on their silly tasks. Are you an addict? Read the list below to find out.

You know you are addicted if:

You check your town before having your first cup of coffee or even before going to the bathroom in the morning.

Stopping before you leave the house to inform everyone that you are about to leave the house.

You are spending more time updating your town and rearranging buildings and decorations than living your life.

You are changing your town every time you log on to keep it recent.

You strive to have all the new buildings before all of your Simpsons friends.

You start using Simpsons tapped out as a verb. As in "I'm going to "Tap out" so and so or I was "Tapping" last night.

If you interrupt an actual conversation that you are having with a person and tell them "you know what, why don't I just "Visit your town later" later...

Every time you change your town or find a glitch, you wonder if it is going to be worthy of posting on the forums

You leave a party early because you can't wait back to finish the tasks, harvest your house rent and other tapping events.

You plan all of your social activities around when tasks will finish.

You get jealous of other friends towns and how well planned they look and feel left out even though you don't personally know them.

You feel you might need therapy because something just keeps bringing you back to the game.

You get mortally offended if you add a friend from the forum and they reject your request.

It starts to annoy you when you are faced with farmed houses, it annoys you even more when you see thousands of threads about it in the forums.

You purposely try to recruit people on the forums you do not even know on the add me threads as you are addicted to the tapping. You feel dirty after posting the words "Add me."

You pretend that you are doing some really exciting things so others will find you interesting but really your playing this stupid game.

You click through pages of friends to find one you haven't visited that day.

Instead of looking forward to your vacation, you are more worried about what you are going to miss in your town when you are gone (think how much money I could have made!)

Completely changing your cell phone plan and your cell phone to visit your town on the move..

You only check your the game to see if there are some rents to collect.

You suddenly have lots of Origin Invites because you've been on the forums tans posted your name.

Spending two hours going through all your friends, harvesting the added bonuses of collecting housing rent (someone on the forums once posted this little gem, not sure it still works with the Valentine's day update

Feeling horrendously guilty that you didn't immediately visit your town after tasks have been completed. How could you possibly have missed it?

Your usual bedtime is now two hours later than it has been in years.

You can spend hours rearranging and visiting then you wonder where the day went.

You find yourself making up lies about what you "did all day" to compensate for all those lost hours.

Your house is getting messier as the weeks go by and you have no clean laundry (ok I'm not that bad yet)

You start to think about what you could have accomplished in all the time you spent on your town and then think sod it, just one more day!

So there you go fellow addicts. This is how I feel about you, about me. Do you agree or should I get help?

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