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Task Tailgate-gate remain in task bar

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edited February 2017
all is in the topic title.

I get and made all succesives tasks but this one remain as blocked. Strange.
I try to put in the inventory Cleatus and the Football Field but no way (and to buy a second one)
BTW it's not really important.

Have a nice flue to everybody ;-)



  • I'm having this problem, too. I got Cleatus and the Football field thinking he'd be an NPC, only to discover he was playable. All my other characters were on task and it was almost time to rush them out so I stored Cleatus. The Football Field did NOT store with him to my surprise. Now I have "Tailgate-gate" stuck in my task book, even though when you open the task it says 'Done!'. I've tried storing both Cleatus and the Football Field and bringing them back out but the task won't go away.
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