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Destination Springfield: Act 2 Walkthrough

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Of Rice And Yen Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: Time to put together our next fake foreign attraction.
Quimby: If tourists loved our phony France, they'll go nuts for a counterfeit Kyoto.
Lisa: Ooh, we can have tea ceremonies, Zen gardens…
Homer: And fire-breathing dinosaurs. Thousands of fire-breathing dinosaurs.

Task: Make Homer Create Fire-Breathing Dinosaurs
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 2

Homer starts

Tourist: We are foodie tourists looking for an adventurous dining experience that captures the special essence of Springfield.
Homer: Have you tried Krusty Burger?
Tourist: We said adventurous, not suicidal.

Task: Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Task: Make Homer Eat at Krusty Burger
Time: 30m
Location: Krusty Burger

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 3

Krusty starts

Quimby: Krusty, could your burger joints help us create a Japanese atmosphere by serving sushi?
Krusty: Are you kidding? Raw fish stored next to a deep fryer and sliced up by an untrained teen?
Krusty: Eh, why not? Can't be any less dangerous than my “Salmonella Chicken Sandwich.”
Krusty: I really should have done more test marketing on that name.

Task: Make Krusty Revamp the Menu
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger
Task: Make Homer Order a Krusty Sushi Meal
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: One of the things about Japan is that there are vending machines everywhere.
Lisa: Maybe we should add a few to make our JapanWorld more authentic.
Bart: But no American tourist knows that, so why are you bringing it up?
Lisa: I'm getting a kickback from the vending machine company.
Lisa: Buy from a machine! Send Lisa Simpson to band camp!

Task: Place a Vending Machine
Task: Make Homer Do His Shopping
Time: 4h
Location: Vending Machine

After placing Vending Machine:
Apu: How can food that's been sitting in a vending machine for months still be fresher than today's milk at Kwik-E-Mart?

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 5

Ned starts

Quimby: Ned Flanders, there's a kind of person in Japan who is renowned for being entertaining, friendly, and hospitable.
Ned: You're talking about geisha aren't you?
Quimby: Yes, and you seem like you have the best personality to be one for our tourist friends.
Ned: Well, okay. Can I keep my moustache?
Quimby: As long as you wear the kimono.

Task: Make Flanders Pose as a Geisha
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger

Ned: Being a geisha is exhausting.
Ned: I've received so many indecent proposals.
Ned: And a couple mighty decent ones.

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 6

Lisa starts

Lisa: One thing we need to do to make our JapanWorld really seem like Japan is keep it spotlessly clean.
Homer: You're just saying that so I'll spend more time cleaning up Springfield.
Lisa: I'm only eight! I don't know how to manipulate adults.
Lisa: Also, if I don't get a pony I'll cry really hard.
Homer: Cleaning up it is!

Task: Make Homer Clean Springfield
Time: 4h
Task: Make Lisa Clean Springfield
Time: 4h

On job start:
Female Japanese Tourist: Look! It's Mr. Sparkle!

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 7

Lisa starts

Lisa: Time for some kabuki theater!
Lisa: The actors dress up in over-the-top costumes and put on exaggerated, hideous masks.
Lisa: Willie, you want to join in?
Willie: I'll get to work on me demon mask.
Lisa: You're good as you are.

Task: Make Lisa Practice Kabuki Theater
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

On job start:
Bart: Lisa, your kabuki theater has taught me an important lesson. There *are* worse things than jazz.

Of Rice And Yen Pt. 8

Lisa starts

Lisa: Tourists are loving our pretend Japan. They're even absorbing the Zen principles of quiet meditation.
Quimby: You mean the Zen principles of final disaster! Everyone's too busy meditating to buy stuff at our stores.
Quimby: Our next fake tourist world will exude excitement, thrills, and a lot of bare skin.
Apu: Overpriced sunblock for all!

If the user has Quimby: Task: Make Quimby Clarify Where He Means
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall
Task: Make Homer Listen to the Mayor
Time: 4h
Location: Town Hall or Simpson House

On job start:
System Message: Come back on February 24th to see what's coming next to Springfield!
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