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Stadium item question

Anyone have any idea why the bleachers from tapball were released without the giant scoreboard/jumbotron screen, front gate/entrance and sadly the alternate skins for the stadium? I can understand the skins being left out, but the other two seem to be important stadium features...


  • Think they just added in related things with the release of Cleatus to go with football field rather than a stadium. Believe it's a football release.

    I already have tap ball stuff so not sure what unique things weren't re-released.
  • They're obviously there to use with the football field.
  • I think the skins should come with the bleachers for how expensive they are.
  • I know they are there to use with the football field, but I'm surprised the stands didn't go on sale with other items that came out at the same time during the tapball event. The jumbo screen and the gate entrance would really have put the finishing touches on any stadium.
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