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Date Night Mystery Box

Hi there,
So I just saw that box in my shop for 60 Donuts and I have a quick question about it you might be able to answer.
One of the items is the Powers Mansion. I'm guessing Laura doesn't come with it. If I buy a box and pull the house what does that mean for the actual house/character combo in the store?

Hope my question was understandable . ;)
Thank you.


  • Yes she comes with the house...So the building and a character for 60D! ^.^
  • elfurioso766
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    Really? That's great. I didn't think so, since she's not shown on the image. I got 4 possible items to get, though. The theater , buffet, powers house and krazy craut. Does the craut come with a character as well? Can't remember.

    Edit: didn't know craut with k gets censored, hehe
  • yeah i gt the powers house and laura came with it
  • I've the Mystery Bos it this morning and now it's disappeared!!
  • Yes both buildings come with the character, I had 5 options. So I ended up buying everything .
  • sarahschel888
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    The craut comes with Becky!
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  • HMGaga wrote: »
    I've the Mystery Bos it this morning and now it's disappeared!!

    Check under premium items.
  • It's not in my store too. And I don't have Becky, powers and up up buffet :(
  • WOOHOO ! ! ! Got both Becky and Laura Powers for just 120 donuts. Thanks, EA.
  • I found the box under the NEW section.
    Here are the possible items in the box, including previous donut costs:
    BRANDINE - 100D
    DER KRAZY K' RAUT - 150D (with Becky)
    POWERS HOUSE - 150D (with Laura)
    UP, UP and BUFFET! - 90D
    SHAUNA - 90D
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  • I have been waiting sooooooo long for Brandine! The 1st item i got was the place that came with becky, i didnt know it came with character and stored so i can quickly try again for brandine. Got the buffet place and then brandine! Debating if the other two items are worth it. Ice cream and flower house
  • I'm loving this event so far. Less than a week in, and I already got 6 new characters: Cleatus, Francesca, Becky, Laura, and bought Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan a few days ago. And there's still (if I'm correct) 11 more characters to come. Very loving it.
  • I want Brandine and Becky. I have 6 items on offer. I don't like my odds.
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  • Ended up getting powers house and craut. Perfect outcome. Very happy.
  • HMGaga wrote: »
    I've the Mystery Bos it this morning and now it's disappeared!!

    Check under premium items.

    Found it, thanks!
  • phillyphan595
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    I also got Krazy Craut and Powers House first two tries! Seems like everyone is getting characters first, wonder if this is truly random?
  • I got Aztec first.. so yes, pretty random.
  • Loving these prizes! Probably end up buying them all just the get me a Spukler lol
  • PatrickSays
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    edited February 2017
    bought all 5 open to me.... Brandine came up 2nd. :D

    here's they order:

    1st. UP, UP and BUFFET
    2nd. BRANDINE

    Great event!

    just 56 donuts left :p
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  • I had The Krazy ****, Powers House and Shauna in my box. Shauna was the only one I didn't want, so naturally I got her first. Ended up paying another 120 donuts for the other two and am pretty happy!
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