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Destination Springfield: Secondary and Crafting Walkthrough

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The Osaka Flu Pt. 1

After being infected with the Osaka Flu
Auto starts

System Message: You've been Infected with the Osaka Flu!
Lisa: Dr. Hibbert, what are you doing to help people who are sick?
Dr. Hibbert: Nothing! I don't want to catch the damn thing. I'm headed to the hills with my lady love.
Lisa: Your wife?
Dr. Hibbert: My jet ski.

Task: Tap Osaka Virus

The Osaka Flu Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Lisa: Doctor Hibbert, you're back in town to fight the Osaka Flu!
Dr. Hibbert: When I became a doctor I took an oath.
Lisa: “First do no harm?”
Dr. Hibbert: ”Make easy money giving vaccinations.”

If the user has Dr. Hibbert: Task: Make Hibbert Vaccinate
Time: 4h
Location: Hibbert Family Practice
Task: Make Lisa Dream of Socialized Medicine
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

Runway Light

After obtaining Runway Straight or Runway Corner
Auto starts

Norbert: Pilots are having trouble landing at night.
Norbert: The only light is the glow from the tire fire, and kids shining lasers in their eyes.
Norbert: We need runway lights!

Task: Place a Runway Light

Exchange Welfare Checks for SkyCredits

Mrs. Muntz starts

Task: Make Mrs. Muntz Exchange Welfare Checks for SkyCredits
Time: 1h
Location: Reward Center

Stock Town Maps

Marge starts

Task: Make Marge Stock Town Maps
Time: 2h
Location: Tourist Information Center

Drink Cocktails

Kent Brockman

Task: Make Kent Brockman Drink Cocktails
Time: 4h
Location: Barra

Server Make Good

Auto starts on March 2nd after updating to Patch 7

System Message: We know you experienced a connectivity issue recently but TSTO is back! As our thanks for staying with us during this technical snafu here's 500 Sky Credits and 2,000 Pins!
Quest Rewards: 500 Sky Credits and 2,000 Brazil Pins

Practice His French

Martin starts

Task: Make Martin Practice His French
Time: 4h
Location: Paris Hotel

Devour Piles of Meat

Smithers starts

Task: Make Smithers Devour Piles of Meat
Time: 2h
Location: Churrascarias

Order a Salad

Apu starts

Task: Make Apu Order a Salad
Time: 12h
Location: Tree Steakhouse

Favela Fever Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Quimby: Today we unveil the latest addition to Springfield's BrazilWorld: Favela houses.
Lisa: That's terrible! A favela is an urban slum with barely functional power and sewage services.
Homer: Yeah, and for that, we already have Evergreen Terrace.
Quimby: Oh, but a favela is much more colorful and cheery than that gloomy hellhole.

Task: Build Additional Painted Houses [x3]

Favela Fever Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: These favela houses are pretty cool. I could get into slum living.
Apu: Yes, but they need electricity for things like A/C and cable TV.
Homer: We'll get them the favela way -- run illegal lines from the power poles.
Apu: A few improvements and these tenements will be nicer than the average Springfield home.

Task: Make Springfielders Install Improvements [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Painted Houses

Quimby: I've created a lawless shanty town whose residents mooch off the city and where police fear to tread.
Quimby: Pretty much like the rest of Springfield. Vote Quimby!
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