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Cesar and Ugolin



  • Just got them. Stored until done with rail yard.
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  • 1500 to go.
    Oh! Monorail. Lol oh yea :) thanks
    Nothing as loud as the silentmiaow.
  • meredythl wrote: »
    Got them last night! Their fight is the next task.
    Yes good to see them knocking bells out of each other.

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  • jonofmeans
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    So first impression is that they're a retelling of Sesame Street's Bert (tall skinny one) and Ernie (cesar). Only with today's darker themes ala Nolan bros. batman movies.

    I think they might be based on characters from the movie "Jean de Florette." Or at least I hope so- I liked that movie and was happy to get them today! :)

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