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Android 7 update caused zoom issue, tried game tuner

Updated my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to Android 7 yesterday and now my Springfield is super close. I've tried adjusting the resolution with game tuner, tried it at 30%, 50% and 100% but it doesn't change how close I am, when I go down to 30% the characters in the task part on the left get slightly bigger so it's doing something, just not what I need it to. Everytime I adjust it I have to download the massive file when I reopen the app too so spent ages messing with it. I've looked through my phone settings too and nothing has helped.
Anyone else having this problem or any suggestions? I've just started getting stuck into designing a massive monorail too and this issue has made it horrible to work with, can only see a tiny section at a time.


  • This is a known issue for this device. Users have reported that the issue can be fixed by downloading the Samsung Game Tuner app and setting it to run all games (or Tapped Out specifically) at the maximum quality.
  • I already said I've tried that lol
  • I already said I've tried that lol

    Sorry. Missed that.

  • I've fixed it!
    Settings > display > screen resolution.
    Change it to WQHD
    Back to normal now
  • If anyone have this problem on HTC, I have solution. It's similar to those with Samsung. You'll need Boost+ aplication (came installed with my HTC A9).
    When you have it installed, you need to go to Optimize foreground apps and just turn it ON for TSTO.
    Hope this saves time for HTC users. :)
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