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Somebody remind me to do the Rail Yard in the morning

'Cause I may be in bed tonight before it starts. Oh, I know... Somebody remind me to write myself a note to put in front of my tablet so I'll remember when I get up.
Oh, and I also want to start the XP Collider in the morning on game 3. I've still got the freebie and I just used all my donuts to get Uter.


  • I usually set a reminder with an alarm on my device. Works like a charm. When I remember.
  • Thanks for thread. I'm losing it. I might actually be asleep too....if lucky.
    Here is my signature. Or maybe it's not.
  • Head's up.. I think the rail yard might possibly start tomorrow! :)
  • Also I need to be reminded that it's Valentine's Day.
    iPad Pro 9.7, iPhone XR (Red product)
  • Do the rail yard in the morning.
  • To all of you, No more Rail Yard threads

    I'm going to make one myself for you all and you guys bump it from now on. No one else is gonna make these threads. It has caused a lot of drama and I'm not going to deal with it anymore. So instead of making a new one every week, all you 'Rail Yard Enthusiasts" will use the thread I make and bump it whenever it needs to be used
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