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Destination Springfield: Osaka Flu

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Visiting friend towns, you can get the Osaka Flu, it'll spread on your town, with tourists getting infected (this gives you more Pins when being tapped).


The moment you get the flu is random and seems to not be affected by any particular action. You'll recieve a message once it starts.


To get more points to level up, you need to tap on your buildings that have the nation pin on them (being the ones friends have tapped).

Tapping on other people's buildings help spreading the flu, and gives you 5 Pins each.


Tapping on your own buildings gives you 1 SkyCredit.


If a new level is achieved, another flu cloud will go to your visitors (with another indicator on the bottom activating). Tapping the indicator on the screen will take you to either the cloud (if the icon is normal) or the ill tourist (if it's glowing).


After a while another visitor will be infected. It's currently unknown what reaching 100% spread will do. Tapping on a infected tourist will give you 14 Pins and 5 SkyCredits till you reach Level 5. Then they pay the regular 4 Pins and 2 SkyCredits.


The level up price is 100 buildings tapped for the first three, then 700 for the final one.

Level 1 to 2 - 100

Level 2 to 3 - 200

Level 3 to 4 - 300

Level 4 to 5 - 1.000

Once you reach max level, a message will appear saying "The Osaka Flu has been fully upgraded."


The number doesn't reset, that's the total number you need to reach.


The infection has currently surpassed 100% and it didn't trigger anything yet.
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