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Nokia 3310 relaunch

So the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback with some new features. The price is advertised at £50.
It was first out in 2000. Who remembers owning one? I did and had other models too. And the battery life was brilliant as it lasted ages.


  • That was my 2nd ever phone and I loved it! Everyone had one at the time, mine had a silver case and a jellybean case :smile:
  • Can't remember what colour case I had. I loved it too. I miss the strong battery life
  • I had a white one, great phone at the time!

    These are being advertised as the first ever "smartphones" in the Netherlands, but to be fair those guys have only just started selling colour TVs @eliansukke180
  • I owned one, although I don’t recall the model number. Great battery life and quite rugged, but beyond that I don’t miss those phones all that much. I never really got the hang of texting on those things.
  • My first handphone transiting from a motorola pager is a Nokia 8210. Very cute. I still have the spare interchangeable covers
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