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Collection Data: Hearts from visiting friends

2 more tests posted.


  • shaygitz
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    **My guess is that the payout rate is about 50%, and each is independently calculated (like a real coin flip). You can go on "hot" streaks of collecting coins, and "cold"

    That's what I take away from your data too, and it confirms my seat-of-the-pants conclusion that the whole thing is entirely random. I also feel that way about the proclivity of a certain building or other to pay off
  • heshmonstre
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  • XBL-Heretic
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    I visited 44 of my 69 neighbors between 00:30 and 01:30 ET. Of the 44 I visited, 32 had at least three cards available, one had just two cards available, one had one card available, and 10 had zero cards available. I accidentally tapped back to my SF two times during this run. Stats are:

    44 friends / 50 hearts / 99 cards tapped = 50.50% payout rate

    I'll update again after its time to visit my next group of neighbors tomorrow afternoon.
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