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Can't get the fancy black plane...



  • P-dont wrote: »
    Not to get of topic here, but Antwerp's airport runway kind of crosses a highway. I was riding my bike through Europe one year, wondering why this stoplight was in the middle of this field (I didn't see the runway) I'm glad I didn't go F--this and start crossing cause a 747 came in to land.

    Do you know the peninsula of Gibraltar? It's the same there. The only road leading on and off of it (both for vehicles and pedestrians) crosses their runway. They have traffic lights on both sides, it's really crazy.

    Now BTT...
  • What bothers me (as an Aerospace Engineer) is the planes without a horizontal stabilizer at the back.. The one that takes off from the airport and the first one we win. Grrrr
  • it's all Jay G's fault since Jay G owns that plane
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