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Game improvement suggestion

Is there a post for suggestions? Anyway here's mine (and sorry if it's already been suggested)

A lock feature, where when in select/move mode you can opt to "lock" that building or selected area so it can't be sold or moved. "Unlock" option too. That way if there is something you want to keep, but want to nuke your town, it will remain out, like The Simpsons Home or Krusty bus.

Really want to build my town but there are some designs that took a while to make I'd like to keep.
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  • Good idea mate :)
    We'll chew this planet up and spit it out!
  • in some cases it can obscure some things (buildings, plants ..) being able to move everything else, though anchoring a single object would be useful if for example you want to move all the trees but not the flowers
  • Here's my ideas:
    Sending things to friends via Post Office!!
    Increasing Building limit
    Adding search system to inventory
    Different style events, not sure about anyone else but I'm kinda bored of the event layouts now been the same for ages!!
  • Format all large numbers with digit grouping e.g. 1,000,000
    Ability to take a snap shot of the whole map, save as jpg.
  • hudd24 wrote: »
    Here's my ideas:
    Sending things to friends via Post Office!!
    For some reason that reminds me of Animal Crossing. I want presents that randomly wash up on shore and balloons to shoot down.
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  • I would like a new, overhauled event game play mechanic. I would also like more episode tie-ins.
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