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Who is interested in EA pushing more monorail stations?

I'm interested in more monorail stations to make my Springfield look more like a transit enabled town. They don't have to be very pretty or theme related but their purpose instead is to give more places for the monarail to stop.

Another idea would be for EA to issue buildings designed to fit between the subway sections like you see in urban cities that have El Trains.

Anyone else find this appealing?
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  • I am waiting the return of krusty station. I missed that one
  • I'd love one that looks like an "old" stone-build station. Might get my pagan/castle area linked up to the system if they did. And maybe one that's futuristic/techy looking without the "mall" theme.
  • It would be great if I could turn my hundreds of curved track pieces into straight pieces or station parts.
  • I love to have at least one more, the Krusty station comes to mind.
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  • Station add-ons work very well (visually) for additional stations along the line. I wish the monorail would stop (or at least slow down) while passing them though.

    I am surprised that the Krusty Station and additions didn't become permanent in-store premium items when the monorail was brought back. I would think it'd generate much more revenue for EA than the Monorail Cafe that was brought back permanently.
  • I would like a station the middle of the sea, but I think it is not feasible ...
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    I'd love one that looks like an "old" stone-build station. Might get my pagan/castle area linked up to the system if they did. And maybe one that's futuristic/techy looking without the "mall" theme.

    I would like that too! :+1:
  • We need Monorail Stations for the airport and Springfield Heights.
  • Meh. I don't even use all of the ones I have now. The Xmas one is in my storage.

    It would be cool to be able to put the rail out in the ocean, though.
  • I'd like
    Airport station
    SP station (that would get us on the water)
  • I don't use my monorail at all but it may become a part of my upcoming redesign. The only one I'd care about though is the Krusty station.
  • Hmmm that's an interesting thought. I have all the ava. stations but I don't think I'd want more. Maybe, I guess it depends on the design. I have my monorail run the perimeter of my town. So whenever we get new strips of land I just continue to expand outwards and don't have to re-design.
  • I would like to be able to buy the additional pieces for the north pole station I got last event. I would also like to see my idea of a monorail hub in the game. Stations for airport, SH, and water are good ideas as well.
  • I'm always looking for a new station. 2 would be even better. Keep bringing it up! It worked to get us the airport!
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  • I want a bending robot that has a 'straighten track' task.
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  • I think I have enough stations. Honestly, the monorail ruins my town's aesthetic, so I have it in SHs only. I would love ground level tracks, maybe a trolley that runs down the middle of the streets.
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  • Not overly interested in any more large stations like we currently have but I think that a few small mini stations would be useful, sort of an unmanned type station.
  • I've stored all of mine. Takes up too much space and not worth the effort.
  • I definitely support more stations. It would be nice if they would code a 'stop here' spot into some of the smaller pieces so that we could have the train(s) stop at the various spots. I would like at least one station that my 2 sets of loops could both stop at so my passengers could really transfer. Suppose its too much to ask for a X junction. Or some more support vehicles for maintenance.
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  • I'd like a very upscale one and one that's airport related.
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