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Reactor core problem.

I looked at that list, and I have done everything in order. I am still building gulp'n'bowl, could that be the issue?


  • slegary
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  • RSommons
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    You may be stuck between storylines. One, the game storyline and two, the Valentine Storyline. The game line takes precedent over the Valentine one. So go through the game line and eventually the Valentine line will open up for you.

    From the link: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9043283.page
    Gulp'N'Blow ($13,500)
    After the White House finishes building, Homer eventually prompts the build.
    1. Homer to Krusty Burger (30 mins)
    2. Homer to Krusty Burger (30 mins)
    3. Homer build Gulp'N'Blow (keep Skinner, Lisa, & Milhouse free as build finishes)
    Willie's Shack ($12,000)
    There are 4 challenges for building Willie's Shack:
    1. Skinner crossing guard (4 hours)
    2. Lisa & Milhouse go to school (6 hours) (available after you SEND Skinner for crossing guard quest)
    3. Skinner monitor halls (12 hours)
    4. Build Willie's Shack
    5. Willie wax floors (24 hours) (keep Apu, Homer & Lisa free as Willie finishes)
    Cooling Towers ($15,000)
    Apu prompts the building of the Cooling Towers in an interaction with Homer and Lisa.
    Reactor Core ($18,500)
    Mr. Burns prompts the building of the Reactor Core immediately after the Cooling Towers finish.
    Control Building ($15,000)
    Mr. Burns prompts the building of the Control Building immediately after the Reactor Core finishes. Keep Homer & Mr. Burns free as the build finishes.
    1. Homer work at plant (16 hours)
    --After Homer finishes, there is an animated sequence that reminds us we don't have Marge and Bart yet.
    1. Mr Burns read from Necronomicon (4 hours) (keep Lisa & Milhouse free as Mr Burns finishes)
  • slegary
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    That's the problem! I am in the middle of Lisa/Mulhouse go to school and skinner monitor halls. Thanks for your help!!!!!
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