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Major league Soccer

So the season is almost here. Just one question do you Americans support MLS just as much as NFL or is it NFL the bigger sport?
If you are big followed of MLS who should I follow. Last season was New York red bulls.


  • Nfl is much bigger. Soccer is 4th or 5th over here. For whatever reason it has yet to catch on here. Don't get me wrong, it's doing better now then any other time but it's still not as big as it is in other parts of the world. Too many choices maybe?
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  • NicholasD1984
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    Yeah it's lagging behind your biggest sports. I'm trying to follow some more. I'll follow Dallas Cowboys for next season I was interested. Basketball am not fussed on. Ice hockey is ok. I've played normal hockey once in high school and before then never played it. I done all right I scored a few.

    As for soccer I was just after a team to follow.
  • If you’re looking for a team to root for, the last I heard the most popular MLS team in terms of attendance was the Seattle Sounders FC. And, according to a report by Forbes, they are also the highest valued MLS team.
  • I may follow them
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