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so, how can I post screenshots on the forum? I tried on imgur 2 or 3 times but it doesn't show the picture. :(


  • NickyD841984
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    edited February 2017
    On the website of imgur click direct link from the choices on the left. Then on the right click the link and it should highlight it. Click select all then it should say copy. Click that and then paste it on here. Before you post it put img at each end.
    [img]http://abload.de/img/burns_thumbsup2gaac.gif[ /img] I've put gaps in the img to show what I mean. Don't put gaps ok. And it should look like this[/img]burns_thumbsup2gaac.gif
  • I use my PC to post screenshots. I took a screen of my town, then did a new post on imgur.
    I go down to 'get share links' and the BB code
    You can also change the size of the picture that you post, by adding either a small 's'(for small pic) , a small 'm'(for medium pic) or a small 'l' (for large pic) directly before the .jpg. I have posted 3 examples here:
    Answers HQ Hero HELP THREADS
  • So, I'll make a test to see if it works *crossing fingers*

  • Yes!!! It worked!! Thank you so much for the tips @HomerND84 and @Muhsterino !! I kindly appreciate :):)
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