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No Norbert task

I set like 8 tasks at the plane yet none of these is the correct one. Anyone else having thuis problem? This means i delayed my first task.


  • Same problem here. I've reported it as a bug but don't expect to get the daily tasks done today. All my characters are not on task but there is no tasks at the airport to do
  • This has happened to me in the past when I have over extended by sending a bunch of people on flights. It fixes itself by waiting for the flights to complete.
  • First task today was Silicon Valley. I had to wait for an existing USA flight to return, before I could send another to the same country.
  • This is happening to me too. I only had 3 flights to choose, sent 3 people and none were the right flight for the task.
  • You are only allowed to send one person to a given country at a time. For example, this morning's first task was to send someone to San Francisco, USA. If you already had someone on a flight to Gotham, USA, then you would not have San Francisco available on your list. You would need to wait until that flight was returned before sending someone to the correct one.

    Also, if you only have a few flights to choose from instead of the full five, try sending one of the people who have a flight available on another task. That should refresh the flight list and give you five to choose from.
  • Yeah, this is really annoying. I have to check LPN's guide in advance to avoid the destination country for the upcoming tasks of the day.
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  • Airports are always making you wait to take the next available flight just like this. It's realism.
  • Airports are always making you wait to take the next available flight just like this. It's realism.

    On the bright side, we're actually getting something from all the lost luggage, rather than losing it ourselves!
  • happened this morning too! how odd. then returned to the plane departure task screen and saw task 2 was already in progress. I guess It was triggered on it's own from task 1?

    just don't get it sometimes... :/
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