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prediction???? or hope????

okay....it's time for some new characters...and I don't mean skins...I mean characters.... I know recently there was a contest for fan made storylines for tapped out and I'd like to read those over my lunch hour sometime (anyone got a link?)
Here is my general concept

The way we was Homer
The way we was Marge
The way we was Barney
The way we was Artie Ziff
and everyone else....
FINALLY a Homer Character (not skin mind you) to smash the

Marge: Homer, stop that, it's just a weather station!
Homer: Come on Marge, it's fun to smash things!


  • suetopia
    4243 posts Member
    @gamersometimes - Google TSTO Addicts Main Event Contest

    I think that might be what you are referring to. :)

    (Posting external links is against the rules, or else I'd post the link for you :)).
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