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norbert task missing

this is my first topic so forgive me if i posted it wrong. i was in the middle of doing the task that unlocks norberts plane then he says its a new day, now there are new tasks and the only prize is lost luggage, is he gone forever? he is still in the task bar saying unlock norberts plane and its not in my inventory.


  • I'm having this same problem....did you get this resolved?
  • No still nothing.
  • I had the same problem. Nothing fixed yet
  • Same. Resynch did not help.
    Please PM first.
  • Same yesterday. One day later: adventurequest + unlocking plain-quest started again, no red plain. And different destinations by Norbert and the airport! So today again: no red plain.
  • I am having the same issue. Friday night, I had almost earned the plane, but when I cleared tasks Saturday morning, it started over, and took away option to get it. Since then when I send characters on flights, it only gives me tasks for 500 pins and don't have the option to earn the plane, but sky credits. However, whenever I earn the 500 pins it resets again. It is frustrating.
  • I have same problem; the only lost luggage as 3rd prize occurs.
  • same issue here!!! :(
  • I have the same problem. I hope EA does something like give us donuts.
  • I have encountered the same problem. This needs to be fixed by awarding the character. Doughnuts are nice, but don't solve the ultimate problem.
  • Same issue with my game too.
  • Same problem with my game
  • I'm having the same problem too. Pretty annoying...
    I'm starting to get fed up with this games buggieness :-(
  • I am having the same problem. Time is ticking and nothing from EA.
  • Having the same problem. Plane was showing, then the day reset (in the middle of the day) and the plane is gone, all I have is the luggage, and no train in sight.
  • I have had the same problem. Put in a ticket to EA, but nothing back yet.
  • Same problem here.
  • Me too
  • Same issue. Very disappointing.
  • Same here. I have a, b, and c games on TSTO. This occurred with ALL of my Springfields. TWO eventually gave me Norbert, although the RED PLANE task NEVER showed up (it just showed lost luggage and pins as task 3). When I finished the 3rd task, two Springfields gave me Norbert and his plane instead. STILL NOTHING for my 3rd Springfield, however. It just loops to Lost Luggage and pins for 3rd task. The questions don't match the answers either, it's luck of the draw as to whether I get the "corrrct" answer for location question.

    Hope there's a fix soon since time is ticking.
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