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If you didn't get Norbert's plane on Friday, you can still get it today!

So my tasks reset before I had a chance to collect the third prize from Norbert's task list. (the red plane) so in my inconsolable rage I rushed the 3 tasks set for today and even though it didn't have the picture of Norbert's plane in the prize track I still got it.
So if you didn't get it yet you still can, today at least.


  • Bump. Try to keep this up top for awhile since so many have the same problem. Good luck everyone. :/
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  • fgasrvrt
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    yea i still did not get anything all i got was the globe
  • I did link this in another thread as well to some others reporting the fault
  • fgasrvrt wrote: »
    yea i still did not get anything all i got was the globe
    Ok, that's a bit of crazy programming...wasn't the globe an Act 1 price? Black Leather Plane Act 2, and Norbert's Red plane Act 3?
    DeesToonTown in Crawl to the Finish #The Grumple Is Free!
  • Suga69
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    Fixed :[
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  • I still can't get Norbert or his plane and I have finished everything else in this event...prize tracks, quests, crafting. My wife never got the globe (No it isn't in her inventory), but she did get Norbert and his plane (which I can't seem to get). Worst. Event. Ever.
  • I still have "Unlock Norbert's Plane" in my task bar, but no plane in the actual task.
  • Can't do it either. Mine has said "Unlock Dragons in Northern Europe" for several days. I did Norway as the option when it popped up and when it completed it kept saying that. I've sent about a dozen more travelers out and it's never changed. Done all the usual reset stuff but it just stays the same. This event has been glitchy since day one for me.
  • I got it last night. My 3rd task said something about credits but I did get the plane instead. So it is possible.
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  • it does not appear as an option for me...sooo I'm not getting it?
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