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Not as annoying as Arnie...but...

Pretty sure Norbert is destined to be my first playable character to end up permanently stored. It wouldn't have bothered me (as much) if it had been his 8 hour task when I'm at work or sleeping and not logged in, but the 4 hour task is what I use when I'm actually playing.

I think I've had him 2 days now and it's already seriously getting on my nerves going to his landing point every time I accidentally touch him.


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  • The only time I have characters on tasks is during events any other time they are wondering around town. I don't see the point non storing any character or npc
  • doh1886
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    Why not put him permanent 24 hour tasks?
  • 1pillform
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    lol I got tons of characters stored. A lot of them because I can't find any place to put their building....I havent baught all the new land yet so I could maybe take some of the characters[with a building] out of storage. Another issue is I like to design...and I'm afraid of running into that annoying item cap message....
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  • doh1886 wrote: »
    Why not put him permanent 24 hour tasks?
    Exactly what I did with Stampy when I first got him and had to wait to unlock KBBL and currently my level quests are up to level 43 but when I passed level 60, things like the googolplex, prison bus and overpass diner were available, I bought them as I wanted more characters with jobs, but it seems that until I can reach somewhere round level 57 in my basics tasks, old Jewish man is stuck forever nursing a seniors bottomless coffee...

    He has been out and about this event though, I've had him out and doing a few flights for me and if he's available around about the time I have a 'Send Springfielders' task, he gets to join in, but when the event is over, in the diner he stays, that earns me rent and his payout everyday all adds up
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  • Peppermallow
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    doh1886 wrote: »
    Why not put him permanent 24 hour tasks?

    Its the times when you mistakenly send Arnie and him with the task manager/unemployment office. As a result, its far easier to have Norbet stored in purgatory and to have Arnie have some company. Luckily fairy kodos is a lot harder to accidentally send. (The other tough thing about Arnie: I normally have him in the stonecutter skin, but even then he slips out of i now and then usually because of townwide tasks)
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