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Has anyone else's Coconut Babaloo disappeared from their inventory?

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Didn't notice until I got the monkeys. I've gone through all my inventory (not easy since I nuked my town and there's a lot to search through) and cannot find it. I know I got it during the last Valentines Day event.


  • Their inventory setup is a mess, a better system is needed not sure why there isn't one. In regards to your question, I found mine right at the back of the inventory tab, like right at the back just before Krustyland items named "renovated coconut babaloo" hope you find yours!
  • jen0912
    243 posts Member
    Yes. Mine was an absolute nightmare to find. It's ridiculous. I wish there was a search tab and you could look for everything in inventory that way.
  • 3SS83
    108 posts Member
    Just found it, took scrolling though my inventory a few times but finally saw it. Thanks for the replies.

    And I totally agree jen0912, a search tab would be a great idea considering how many items we have now.
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