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Glitch in the Simpsons Matrix?

Anybody with similar experience?

iOS devices here. on my ipad pro. cleaned up town this AM, set chars to jobs, etc. 4 hours later, check town at work on my iphone 7 plus, and see my town as if nothing happened this AM - town same as it was in the morning before i cleaned up.

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  • Did you get the message on your iPhone that your other device did not save your town? The iPad may have not finished syncing. If you haven't already immediately close it on your iPhone and then re open on iPad (so it won't sync). Then check your iPad and see if it is correct. If it is, then go to your neighbors and then back, this should then complete the sync. Then try on your iPhone again.
  • maybe i did and it was very quick. I'm very familiar with those 'your devices didn't sync' messages, but I just don't' remember getting it at work on my phone.
    First Year 2012 Player @ Game Level 939 & 3,200% XP
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    You're welcome, I hate when I get tap happy and accidentally click on the wrong option which negates what I did on my other device. Then I just have to hope that it did not sync back when I force close it and reopen on my other device.
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