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Adding an option to shut off just neighbor notifications

I tried searching for this topic to see if anyone has mentioned it before but I like keeping notifications on to find out when tasks are done but I really wish there was an option to shut off that "neighbor has visited my town" it's not important and when you have a 100 neighbors that visit regularly it becomes annoying.

Any odds that they would actually shut this notification off? That's why I love the events that include tapping in your neighbors town since it gets rid of this notification.


  • tunapapa
    3 posts Member
    edited March 2017
    I had give up to find the answer too.
    delete & reinstall is same. 3 times!!! :/
    So I think this update is something wrong.
    Just delete game and wait for new update, I think.
    Good luck! B)
  • I have my notifications turned off for this game for this reason. It's a great idea but at this time you can't turn off just the neighbor notifications. Depending on your device, you should have some options in your settings though where you can select what types of notices your get, like a banner instead of voice.
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