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The worst broken bone???

I am laying around with six weeks worth of a broken ankle. Have you been through worse?


  • Oh no!! I feel your pain. Several years ago I took a weird fall on some black ice. I broke my ankle, did a spiral brake to my Tibia and cracked the smaller bone. All healed up now though. The worst is the lack of mobility. I'm a pretty active person and a full leg cast was brutal. Then I had to wear a boot for the ankle for quite awhile. How did you break yours?
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  • So , so , so very thankful I've never broken a bone.. but i surely hope you feel better asap!!!!
  • I dislocated a rib when I was 3 I don't even remember it
  • Nicknd84
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    I've had a broken nose and I don't know how I broke it. The only known injury to my face was when I was younger I was in school on a bouncy castle and some other kid attempted to do a summersault and kicked me in the face. That was over 20 years ago
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  • HomerND84 wrote: »
    I've had a broken nose and I don't know how I broke it.

    I managed to break one my fingers in a high school football accident. It hurt like he11, but I was mistakenly informed that it was fine. Never did heal correctly.

  • i have never broken anything, but my knee dislocates on occasion...the worst was the day before i was suppose to go to Disneyland with my family for a Christmas gift....needless to say i didnt go and got to watch as my brother left...i was so sad...I was rollerblading on slick leaves and pop there goes my knee.... :( one of the times my knee dislocated and didnt want to go back in til i was almost at the hospital... but i got it back in and my grandparents took me for ice cream instead... Hope you feel better and i hope you have a speedy recovery...!!!
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  • Playing sports as a kid I broke all kinds of bones. Arm, leg, foot, fingers, toes, I even tore the ligaments in my knee playing football, which bothers me to this very day.

    The knee was by far the worst.
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  • I never broke any bone until my mid 20s.
    So, one day I decided to make my own pedicure in my bedroom. For that, I put my feet in a bucket filled with water and a soap mixture to make my feet soft. So, I stood up, threw the water away, but I didn't notice that a small part of soapy water had fallen into the ground.
    And when I sat back in the chair (it had tiny wheels, like an office chair), my left foot slid into this water and crushed into my bed. I broke 2 foot bones.

    Until today nobody believes I broke my foot making my pedicure, but it happened lol. Probably I didn't feel a huge pain like most of you here, but I had to share this story here :blush:
  • I broke my collarbone when I was 25. You can't get a cast, so the bone moves with every breath you take. I happened to have a cold at the time and had to sneeze and cough. This was agony.

    Five years ago my youngest daughter, then two years old, came up behind me in the kitchen when I was cooking. I didn't hear her, took one step back and landed on her little foot with my foot, tried to step away but am a complete spaz and don't kow how, but fell on her and broke HER arm. Seeing her in pain because of me, hurt lightyears more than a thousand sneezes with a broken collarbone.

    So the worst broken bone? The broken bone of your kid when you're the one that broke it.

    I suck. I'm gonna go and hug her now.
  • :'( That story makes me want to hug you and your daughter.
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  • @kappa2783159 How are you feeling? Hope things are getting better for you.
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  • Thanks all I am doing alright. Life was good for awhile then comes a broken bone. :) "If your foot ever gets run over by a car, DON'T TWIST!! You might snap an ankle." I know it is easier said then done but that's what happened. Got lucky though cause the rear tire got my legs as well. Only bruises from that though.
  • Ouch!!! I'm not sure if that's a good luck or a bad luck story! :o Happy to hear you are feeling ok. When you're up to it you'll have to tell us how that car got in your way. :o
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  • derekpasteur
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    :'( That story makes me want to hug you and your daughter.

    Thanks Ickabod, I'll pass that lovely hug to my girl. I just saw you're the number one on the springfield hights leaderboard nearing an impressive 2 billion. I take off my hat for you, sir!

    Glad you feel ok Kappa! Amazing the wheel went over your legs and only bruised them! You must have some Krypton blood there
  • I once fell out of a tree and fractured my funny bone. I didn't break it, mind you, and although the pain wasn't too bad, I was miserable for months: couldn't comprehend puns, identify sarcasm, nor remember any of my favorite punch lines.

    Needless to say the phrase "laughter is the best medicine" produced less than desired returns.

    I don't blame that monkey in the tree, though. To be fair, it was his banana first.
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  • I heard the banana got away.
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  • @derekpasteur Ha! I'm trying to get there. I just checked and I have 354 polo fields in inventory and have made countless gold trees. I have 7 people ahead of me in my neighbor list. :o
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  • steeeeevooooo
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    The worst broken bone???

    I don't know from experience, but I've heard that breaking your spine isn't good..
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  • Unfortunately I broke my pelvis in 3 places at the beginning of February and have been laid up for the last 6 weeks so I know your pain OP. Another 6 weeks before I will be walking without crutches. The most difficult things is not being able to carry things when walking on crutches. I find an office chair on castors is great for getting around especially in the kitchen!
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