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Job Manager not functioning

The job manager will only let me send 10 of my 200+ characters on tasks.

I do not have any pending quests OR daily challenges that would prevent characters from using the manager. It has been like this for 3 days.

Is anyone else having (had) this problem?


  • Also had that Problem, i could solve it by visiting neighbors and go back.
  • Sometimes this happens if you just completed a task (daily) or otherwise that needs the majority of your characters. For some reason this quest doesn't clear from the characters' priority list until you resync
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  • It happens often for me when I skip a daily task that uses "Springfielders". I have to close the app and reopen for it to work right again.

    Of course, if it's been 3 days with nothing like that pending, and the suggestions here aren't working... I dunno.
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