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Make sure donut spend confirm is ON

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edited March 2017
Cuz mine sure wasn't! R.I.P. 350+ because I rushed all 1hr tasks and the bar just filled so ducking fast.


  • Yeah. Just as good practice, i always slow way down when i get near the employment center screen. And if it hangs up AT ALL with any kind of lag i totally back out and start over again rather than in any way risk that loss of 300-600 donuts on an unintentional double tap. Also don't leave that screen on when youn take a break because one sleep tap can spell doom, or when you pick the phone up your finger could hit the complete all 8 hour jobs button. Etc.
  • Ouch! Thanks for the reminder
  • It has a habit of switching off whenever there is an update so its a good idea to check after each one. And check regularly any other time also. I check mine regularly, update or not.
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