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Rommelwood Academy: Premium Walkthrough

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I'll Be Your Wingman

Auto starts

Bart: Skinner's going easy on you 'cause you're a giiiiirl!
Lisa: Nuh-uh! He's going easy on me because I'm a suck-up. It's favoritism, not sexism.
Bart: Skinner doesn't give me any breaks. He even took the brakes out of this plane.

Task: Make Bart and Lisa Face the Training Plane
Time: 1h
Location: Training Plane
Requires: Bart

Bart and Lisa: Okay, we give up. You win.
Lisa: This must be what it's like to be a teddy bear in the dryer.

120 Caliber Hair Trigger

Auto starts

Grampa: She's a beaut! They sure don't make ‘em like they used to.
Lisa: You mean cumbersome, dangerous, and prone to breakdown?
Grampa: Don't forget filled with mercury, you adorable talking cactus.
Homer: Where's the cup holder? Are you telling me you spent an entire war HOLDING your beer?

Task: Tap the WWII Tank

Grampa: Look at that payload fly!
Lisa: Where do you think that landed?
Homer: That's a problem for another Springfield.

I Want to Believe

Auto starts

Bart: I heard they are hiding aliens in there. We're SO sneaking in.
Milhouse: Bart, I've already got weird eyes and a body not fit for this earth. Can't we just skip this and you poke me with a stick?
Bart: We did that last week!
Bart: Just keep watch and I'll make this a close encounter of the Bart kind. Patent pending.

Task: Make Bart Search Hangar 18
Time: 1h
Location: Hangar 18
Task: Make Milhouse Keep a Lookout
Time: 1h
Location: Hangar 18

Bart: Nothing. Just loose fireworks, oily rags, and unregistered nuclear warheads.
Milhouse: ...

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 1

Auto starts

Chalmers: Leopold, I'm entrusting you with Springfield's best and brightest.
Chalmers: This young man is an artist ahead of his time. He might be the next Dali. After all, he did melt my clock.
Ralph: Teacher says I'm unteacherable!

Task: Reach Level 26 and Unlock Wiggum House
Task: Make Leopold Mentor Ralph
Time: 6h
Location: Enriched Learning Center
Requires: Ralph

Leopold: Ralph? Have you seen the ingredients for your baking soda volcano?
Ralph: ...
Leopold: I suppose I should call a doctor. Where's my phone?
Ralph: *ring ring*

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 2

Auto starts

Leopold: Ralph, let's try this again. If you have six apples, and you give me two, how many apples do you have left?
Ralph: I don't have any apples.
Leopold: It's a hypothetical question.
Ralph: No, it's a fruit.
Leopold: Just say four. All you need to say is four.
Ralph: APPLES!

Task: Make Leopold Blow Off Steam
Time: 24h
Location: Benches
Task: Make Ralph Play With Wiggle Puppy
Time: 24h

Leopold: This boy is impossible to teach, and I once taught Helen Keller slam poetry!

A Beautiful Mind Pt. 3

Auto starts

Leopold: We're just going to try some fast paced call and response. Ready? The sky is…
Ralph: Dinosaur!
Leopold: The earth is…
Ralph: Dinosaur!
Leopold: The T-Rex is a…
Ralph: East Berlin!

Task: Make Leopold Take an Angry Walk
Time: 4h

Leopold: Ralph, you're an idiot. There's absolutely nothing happening in your brain.
Ralph: Buddha says only an empty mind, clear of thought, can achieve true nirvana.
Leopold: What did you say?
Ralph: These scissors taste salty.
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