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Newcomer's money problem, any help/tips?

Hey folks,
i'm playing TSTO for about 2-3 weeks now and thanks to some XP boost i've managed to get to lvl 39 quite fast but everythinkg is so expensive and i have no idea how to make those extra cash i need... i can make hardly +- $3000 per hour sending toons on 60m quests, but that would be good if land expansion wouldn't cost $50k+ and some buildings $100k+....

I've read about house farming and that it's not worth anymore so i'm really stuck now...

Any good person could help or give me some advice?

Oh and... not paying for donuts



  • i had the same problem, if you do your springfield heights and complete your railyard first you'll be so busy with it, you get money from houses too youll have lots of money before you know it, im doing springfield heights and i only send people on jobs who dont work there.
    i got lots of free buildings that make money from the last event this event has a free school which earns money too. the daily challenges are also good you i get nearly 2 donuts a day from them and then you can buy some xp multiplier items to help or save up for a new character.

  • GrannysCTown in Crawl To The Finish
  • It's a game for the long haul. Although there are many ways to generate more income, just have fun. I know I was short funds to buy stuff I wanted for at least 6-9 months into the game. You will get enough cash in time.
  • Ok, thanks :)
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